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As the title implies, this type of action is a combination of electrical and pneumatic moving parts.

Normally with this type of action the console has a system of electrical switches which connect via cables to the main part of the organ.  A low voltage electrical current then operates a simple solenoid, which in turn allows air into (or out of) a small bellows (motor).

Newly re-leathered motors for Spalding Parish Church organ

Each time a note is played, these small motors operate valves, allowing wind into the pipes. Over a period of 50 years the leather on these motors can become brittle, and begin to split.  In general, this will cause notes to become silent, rather than to stick 'on'.

The only course of action when this occurs is to remove the motors and completely re-leather as new.

This can be quite a costly procedure, due to the fact that much of the organ may have to be dismantled to gain access to the workings inside the organ.


    A view inside an electro-pneumatic chest urgently in need of refurbishment

Underneath can be seen the lever magnets (solenoids)

and the ends of three leather motors can be seen. The leather has to be replaced.

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