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This section refers to different types of electrical switching used to connect the console to the electric action in a pipe organ.

The earliest type of transmission system involved electro-mechanical relays, with many thousands of moveable parts, rather like a telephone exchange. These were developed in the main by John Compton for his Cinema Organs in the 1930s and many are still working well today, 70+ years later.

The next innovation was 'solid state' which involves the use of diodes and transistors as a method of switching.

Later developments used Integrated Circuits, and various methods of coding & sending information with very few cables.

Further information about current systems is available from a variety of sources, and I would recommend looking at the website for Solid State Organs Ltd who will be more than pleased to supply information.

I have installed various systems in pipe organs and would be pleased to answer any questions you may have about the various options available.

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