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Restoration of a pipe organ can mean anything from a clean and overhaul to a complete rebuild.

Before embarking on any plans to carry out work on a pipe organ (at least in an Anglican Church) the Diocesan Organ Advisor must be consulted.  This is to prevent unnecessary or inappropriate work being carried out to pipe organs, and is a safeguard for the church council.

General maintenance of an organ can normally be carried out during normal tuning visits, but when parts of an organ show significant wear, then it is appropriate to look at having a proper overhaul of the instrument, which will involve dismantling, cleaning, and also putting right the particular aspects of the organ which show deterioration. (For example leatherwork, trackers, electrical etc).

The initial task is to obtain a report on the condition of the organ, and then obtain quotations.  These are then normally forwarded to the Organ Advisor who will advise on which firms would be best suited for the job.

Some Organ building firms specialise in particular types of restoration, and it is particularly important to choose the correct firm, particularly where the organ is listed, or has particular historic interest.

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